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* Khayem Diabolo AZ


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DOB: 30 September 2006

Sire: * Godalis Finn (imp UK/exp Sing) AZ

(VA Kevin v Murrtal x VA Biggi v Langengbungert)

Dam: * Freevale Play For Keeps AZ

Monty at 18 months

Monty's Breed Survey summation:

Breed Survey Class 1, 18th May 2008, Surveyor - Melanie Groth.

"Large, strong, substantial black and gold male of pleasing type that presents a good picture in stance. Strong, masculine head with very good strength of upper and lower jaw and dark eyes. The strong neck should be a little longer. High withers, firm straight back, the croup is slightly short and steep. Excellent chest proportions. Very good forequarter angulation, very good hindquarter angulation. Very good length of foreleg with good firmness of the pasterns. He steps correct front and rear with very good overall firmness. In movement he is balanced with good ground coverage, the drive should be a little more pronounced. The black saddle markings should ideally be a little more pronounced, and the tail has a slight cast. Character was excellent throughout the survey and reaction to the gun test was firm.

Advice for selection of a breeding partner:

Suitable for bitches that need to improve the length and angles of the bones in the forehand, as well as hip and elbow improvement."

Monty now lives in Brisbane with his new owners. Contact us for any stud enquiries for approved bitches.

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