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Khayem Highland Heart Z


Hips: 7,10

Elbows: Z (0,1)

DOB: 13th July 2010


Duncan, 12 months, Newcastle August 2011

Duncan National April 2011

Duncan, 9 months, National 2011


Duncan, 7 months


Duncan at 11 weeks, Canberra October 2010


Duncan 10 weeks


Sire: * Khayem Erasmus AZ BSCL1

Dam: Aust. Ch. * Turnberry Shirley AZ BSCL1


Duncan, or "Spunky Dunky" as he is known to his friends, is the culmination of patient breeding! We had been planning his litter for 2 years, ever since Fergus (his Dad) was returned to us when his owners moved overseas.

Duncan is linebred on one of my favourite dogs of all time, Bedwins Siegaro, as well as the super producer Turnberry Nicolette (mother of 2 National Gold Medalists - Turnberry Smarty Pants and Turnberry Stands Alone), Troy von der Noriswand and Turnberry Smart Cookie (litter sister to Smarty Pants). He also carries Gold Medalists Turnberry Honda and Turnberry Stands Alone and also the incomparable Bedwins Siegfreud.

Duncan is a very handsome, smart and outgoing puppy. He is bred to be representative of his lines and have the ability to breed on. He is dark and richly pigmented like his father. Like both of his parents, he enjoys a game of chasings or tug and will find a way to amuse himself when no-one else will play with him - we have many dismembered toys in our house! He is best friends with Vesper and is following in his father's footsteps as a great puppy minder!

Duncan's litter sister, Khayem Heart N Soul achieved her A and Z stamps in July 2011 with the fantastic low scores A (2,1) and Z (0,0)

Some YouTube video of Duncan with a frisbee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkoVRJSpyb8&feature=plcp

and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9h8jyYy5h0 and Duncan in my office http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Draw41x28ok&feature=colike

Duncan's show results to date:


  • 12th Baby Puppy Dog, GSDL Spring Fair Specialty, November 2010, Mr Dennis Vessey (UK)

  • 11th Baby Puppy Dog, Dogs NSW Spring Fair, November 2010, Herr Wolfgang Lauber (SV Germany)

  • 6th Very Promising Baby Puppy Dog, GSDL Christmas Show, December 2010, Dr Karen Hedberg (specialist)


  • 2nd Very Promising Minor Puppy Dog, NHRGSD Club Championship Show, March 2011, Greg Green (specialist)

  • 11th Very Promising Puppy Dog, 39th National Show and Trial, April 2011. Herr Norbert Wettlaufer (SV Germany) (23 exhibited in the class)

  • 6th Very Good Junior Dog, NHRGSD Club Championship Show, August 2011, Rod Vernon (specialist)

  • 3rd Very Good Junior Dog, GSDL Spring Fair Specialty, August 2011, Mr U. D. Velez (Argentina)

  • 5th Very Good Junior Dog, Dogs NSW Spring Fair, August 2011, Mr A. A. Moralis (Argentina)

  • 4th Very Good Junior Dog, ACT GSD Club, October 2011, Herr Christoph Ludwig (SV Germany)

  • 5th Very Good Junior Dog, ACT GSD Club, October 2011, Herr Rainer Mast (SV Germany)

  • 6th Very Good Junior Dog, GSDL October Show, October 2011, Mr Louie Donald (Vic)




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