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Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery


Monty and Zed, Christmas 2006






 Left: Diva, February 2011








Left: Chloe at 6 months









Below: Knox at 12 months

  Left: Chloe at 10 weeks











Charlie and the girls


  Left: Charlie at 6.5 months with "his" girls            

Right: Charlie at 10 months











Jed 18 weeksLeft: Jed at 18 weeks Jed and Vesper head April 2010


Right: Jed and Vesper, 5 months







Diva 13 weeks     Left: Seven, now "Diva" Mia 12 weeksat 13 weeks



Right: Neeve, now Mia at 12 weeks




Jordi 12 weeks

                                              Charlie 12 weeks


Left: Jordi at 12 weeks

Right: Charlie at

12 weeks



Knox 12 weeks


Left: Cain, now "Knox"

at 12 weeks





Lilli/Cayos litter 1 Day Old

Vesper and Bo in the waterdish

Lilli with one day old puppies


Vesper and her sister Bo at 10 weeks




Legs 5 weeks

Charlie 5 weeks


Left: Legs, now "Rikki"

Right: Charlie

at 5 weeks





Neeve 5 weeks

Faith 5 weeks


Left: Neeve, now "Mia"

Right: Faith, now "Phoebe"

at 5 weeks





Seven 5 weeks

Jordi 5 weeks


Left: Seven, now "Diva"

Right: Jordi

at 5 weeks







JD 5 weeks

Cesc 5 weeks



Left: JD, now "Jed"

Right: Cesc, now "Gus"

at 5 weeks



Cain 5 weeks

Bo 5 weeks



Left: Cain, now "Knox"

Right: Bo

at 5 weeks





Karma norty!!!

Noodge checking for Fasko


Left: Karma



Right: Noodge




Noodge and Lilli



Left: Lilli and Noodge


Right: Fergus




Sierra and Spike


Left: Aallusion



Right: Sierra and Spike as babies



Sierra Canberra 1999

Fasko d'Ulmental & Pakros d'Ulmental

Left: Sierra August 1999



Right: 2007 Sieger Pakros d'Ulmental and Fasko d'Ulmental




Lilli in training, Germany 2007

Lilli in the Pakros progeny group 2007










Danni at 12 weeks

Dallas, 18 weeks



Left: Danni at 10 weeks


Right: Dallas at 14 weeks



Ariel, 1994




Left: Aria at 8 weeks

Right: Ditto






Rosie, National Champion 2005



Right: Rosette winning Champion Mare, 2005 Nationals Sydney







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