Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten


Ribbondale Piaa AZ BSCL2 "Kara"

my best friend, waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. I’ll never live with another dog like you, but I keep looking, hoping that you have chosen reincarnation instead of a long wait for me!

Kara was my first sled dog and although she didn’t start until she was 6, she was brilliant! Such focus and drive.

Gone since November 2003, always in my heart and thoughts. I’ll love her forever.

Taken by stroke too early at only 12, after surviving snake bite and cancer.

Khayem City Lights "Sydney "

Kara’s granddaughter (Bedwins Siegaro x Khayem Accord). 

Gone since 1999, a most terrible year. Sydney was a beautiful dog who loved life and sled dog racing!!

Ch. Dawnsnow Lord of Wizards "Excaliba"

Calimir’s son.

Taken too early at the age of 5, taken before his father, but now together running over the tundras.

Ch. Dawnsnow Star of Yenesei "Calimir"

Bret’s introduction to the world of dog showing, taking him to multi Best In Shows. Constant companion who can never be replaced, ever!


my first Siberian Husky. She taught me so much about training dogs, she was so different from training a Shepherd. I could teach her something new in a few minutes, she was my start in clicker training.

Gone since 1999, Moscow is waiting with Kara at Rainbow Bridge.

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