* Lilli vom Trompetersprung SchH1 (imp Germany)

HD fast normal, ED normal, DNA proven Multi Excellent graded, Excellent Merit NSW SBE 2010
DNA tested Clear for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
After a short illness, Lilli passed away 3rd January 2019, at almost 13 years old. There will never be another like her. Thank you for everything our German Princess. Until we meet again.
As at October 2014 – 7 Breed Survey Class 1 progeny and 13 progeny from 3 litters attain their A and Z stamps.
Lilli Breed Survey
Lilli placed SG61 at the Sieger Show 2007 under Herr Peter Arth, in the Jugendklasse Hundinnen (Junior Class 12-18 months). This was without doubt, the standout class of the show in terms of quality and depth – there were some very lovely bitches in the class. We were very pleased for Lilli to do so well, finishing in the first ring, with her expert young handler, Rabea Röckert. Lilli also had the following excellent show results in Germany in 2007: SG6 Herr Peter Arth, Schau DJJM May 2007 SG1 Bernd Nagel 20.5.07 SG4 Herr Karl-Heinz Gladbach, Castrop-Rauxel-Mitte (LG6) 19/8/07 Unfortunately, Lilli’s Sieger Show campaign had been interrupted by being out of coat at crucial times, so we were very happy with her result from limited appearances. Lilli obtained her SchH1 title in Germany on 2nd February 2008 with our friend Manuela Borowski. Many thanks to Manuela and Frank for their hard work and dedication! Lilli arrived in Australia on 24th April 2008 and was released from Quarantine on 25th May 2008. On the 13th June, she whelped 10 puppies to Fasko d’Ulmental, (pictured below) who we had mated her to in Germany.
Fasko was selected as Lilli’s mate for his exemplary masculinity, type, colour, substance, normal hips and elbows and his movement. He also has a most wonderful temperament and completely won us over on our trip to the Sieger Show. He was our first choice of stud dog, even though we had access to a number of VA and high V-rated dogs, we thought that he would suit Lilli the best. Fasko is a multi-V (Excellent) graded dog under a wide number of judges. Since commencing his stud career in June 2007, he has been bred to a number of different bloodlines, including amongst others, Pakros, Janos Noriswand, Quantum Arminius, Dux de Cuatro Flores, Enzo Buchhorn, Wallace Agrigento and Ghandi Arlett. Fasko has also been bred twice to the V3 bitch Lyra Radhaus, as they have been very happy with the pups from the first litter. Fasko stands at stud in both Germany and Italy. Fasko has a ZW of 79.
Xaro d'Ulmental

Fasko’s sire Xaro d’Ulmental (pictured left) was V13 at the 2006 Sieger Show and V11 at the 2005 Sieger Show. He is sired by Whisky vom Bierstadter Hof out of Raya d’Ulmental, an Esko Dänischen Hof daughter.

Xaro has a ZW of 83.

Fasko and Lilli’s pups are linebred on Karma vom Ochsentor 2-3. Karma (pictured above) is one of the very few Siegerins to also breed on and produce both a Sieger and a Siegerin from 2 different sires – Karma is also the mother of 2006 Siegerin Xara vom Agilolfinger, sired by Larus von Batu. Karma has a ZW of 84.
Karma’s litter sisters have also been prolific producers. We hope that our pups will typify the genetic strength of this line. Lilli and Fasko’s pups are the Khayem “F” litter. Hip and elbow results from this litter to date:
Khayem Freyda (IID) AZ – (1,1) hips and (0,0) elbows. Khayem Feli (IID) AZ – (1,3) hips and (0,0) elbows. Khayem Farina (IID) AZ – (1,2) hips and (0,0) elbows. * Khayem Fasko (IID) AZ H Neg BSCL1 – (3,3) hips and (0,0) elbows. * Khayem Fraya (IID) AZ BSCL1 – (0,3) hips and (0,0) elbows.
On the 16th November 2008, Lilli obtained her Australian Breed Survey classification of Class 1, surveyed by Mr John Hugo. Her survey reads: “A large, strong, substantial black and gold, slightly long, harmoniously constructed, very impressive bitch of very good type. Very good head and expression. Strong neck. Level wither, straight firm back, the croup is well laid but could be a fraction longer. Very good top and underline. Very good fore and hindquarter angulation. Balanced chest proportions. Good length of foreleg. She steps correct front and rear. In movement displays far reaching powerful drive. Character is sound and self assured, gun sure. Slightly worn upper and lower incisors. A bitch that impresses with her overall strength and excellent forehand.”
On the 1st November 2009, Lilli whelped 11 puppies by the 2008 NSW State Sieger, Cayos von der Noriswand (imp Gmy). Lilli and Cayos’s pups are the Khayem “G” litter. Cayos has an outstanding record as a sire, producing National class winners and other highly placed animals at major shows under international judges all around Australia. He is also one of the best hip and elbow producing sires. We expect this combination to produce quality puppies with excellent temperaments and sound hips and elbows. Click here for the pedigree of the litter
Hip and elbow results from this litter to date: Khayem Genevieve AZ – (0,3) hips and (0,0) elbows. *Khayem Galina AZ BSCL1- (2,2) hips and (0,0) elbows. *Khayem Guinan AZ BSCL1 – (4,5) hips and (0,0) elbows. Pictures of some of the pups at 4 weeks:
In 2009, we had originally planned to mate Lilli to Ch. Kwint vom Juerikstall (imp Neth) a Normal ED Normal KKl1, as we have admired this dog since his importation. However, by the time Lilli was due to be mated, Kwint’s owner had flown to Germany for the Sieger Show and we used Cayos von der Noriswand (imp Gmy) instead – for outstanding results including Khayem Guinan, Khayem Genevieve and Khayem Galina. So we are very pleased that, in 2011, Lilli finally had her litter of pups to Kwint. Puppies were born Valentines Day 2011. Kwint was the National Gold Medalist in 2010 and he had produced outstanding Hip and Elbow results, as well as a large number of Breed Surveyed progeny. His son, Kardin Kruger AZ BSCL1, was the Bronze Medalist at the 2010 National and his daughter, Lago Bianca AZ BSCL1 was the Gold Medal Bitch in 2010. Kwint is also the sire of the very lovely Sanjessa Electra AZ BSCL1 who won the Gold Medal in 2011, who is a particular favourite of Bret’s, and Denargun Kwacker AZ BSCL1 (from one of my favourite bitches, Denargun Moz On You)! We were very fortunate to get to know Kwint very well when he stood at stud in Sydney in 2008/2009. Although until now he has had few NSW progeny, we are confident that this combination will produce lovely show and pet puppies with exceptional trainability and temperaments. Here are some of our photos of Kwint, taken while he lived in NSW:

Lilli and Kwint’s puppies are the Khayem “J” litter and started their show careers with a bang!

Hip and Elbow results from this litter:

  • Khayem Jugernaut AZ – (2,3) hips and (0,0) elbows
  • Khayem Janieka AZ – (2,2) hips and (0,0) elbows
  • *Khayem Je Ne Sais Quoi AZ BSCL1 – (2,2) hips and (0,0) elbows
  • *Khayem Jaegermeister AZ BSCL1 – (1,1) hips and (0,0) elbows
  • *Khayem Juul AZ BSCL1 – (2,3) hips and (0,0) elbows
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